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This is a blog for millennials targeted at providing professional advise to life’s challenges. Don’t we all need help? With our professional counsellors, you will be advised without prejudice. All letters received will be treated as 100% anonymous. 100% confidentiality assured. Share your reality with us via shareyourtruthwithus@gmail.com

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My Money not Our Money

Dear ShareYourTruthWithUs, My boyfriend is of the view that we split the bills in our home when get married. He believes that my money is ‘our’ money when we get married. I am of the view that he is the head of the family and should be able to stomach all the expenses that comeContinue reading “My Money not Our Money”

My Boyfriend is Dirty…

Dear ShareYourTruthWithUs, My boyfriend and I have been together for two years now and I’m just starting to see how bad his hygiene really is. I never really paid attention till a couple of months ago when I got into bed with him and cuddled up to him (as a big spoon) and I couldContinue reading “My Boyfriend is Dirty…”

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